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Capital Flight Services is led by Captain Anand (an Ex Indian Airlines captain) who has had 30 years experience flying as a commercial pilot and has logged more than 25000 hours of flying on different airliners.

The company is dedicated to providing professional and prompt services to the commercial/business aircraft sector where there exists a felt need for a professionally run flight Support Company for the various aircraft and Airlines flying into and out of India. Our team consists of highly experienced, active commercial flight crew members and naturally understand the complex air routes involved in International flying, the various state regulations & complicated state NOTAMs, airspace restrictions and communications which can sometimes upset the most detailed trip plans. We advise our client crews on the basis of accurate and current information to make flying to/from India a safe, smooth and hassle-free experience.

Located in India’s capital New Delhi we’re within minutes of primary aviation regulatory bodies which are the issuing agencies for the various flight permits/clearances for India, and thus are in a unique position offering you the twin advantages of experience and logistical ease.

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