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More and more companies and individuals are realizing and utilizing the benefits of private air charter. Since an Executive’s most valuable asset is time; private jet travel can offer precious savings in time and efficiency. You set your own schedule with private jets; charter flights can be booked, changed or rescheduled to meet your needs.

Capital Flight Services have access to a wide range of aircraft and can accommodate regional, national and International travel. We will help you decide on the aircraft that best meets your needs and budget. With our associated aircrafts you can land at more than 500 small airfields/airstrips in India which are not accessible to scheduled airliners.

Call us and we will find out find the most convenient airfields/airstrips for you, often landing within minutes of your final destination/establishment. If your travel plans take you to foreign locations, Capital Flight Services will advise you on all customs and immigration requirements.

From selecting the right aircraft, airports, and in-flight catering to meet your needs, to arranging ground transportation and finding accommodation and conference venues, our travel coordinators are ready to provide you the highest level of service.


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